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Craigslist Posting Tips

1. DO NOT USE an auto poster, CL WILL notice and shut your account down immediately. Most auto posters that we have ran into in the past work pretty much the same and CL is very strict about their anti-spam policies. When a new CL auto poster comes out, its good for two weeks, then CL catches on and everyone that uses or buys them after that is wasting valuable time and their money.

2. Build a list of different types of ads. Compile a collection of various text and image ads that we have available or you can use your own. Make sure that if you are posting in the same city daily that you rotate the ads everyday. For example: If you put up an image ad on Monday, you are going to want to put up a text ad on Tuesday. The reason behind this is when you go to renew your ads you do not want them all to be stacked on top of each other. If CL suspects that those 4 ads that are all in a row are coming from one poster they delete them all and you will have to start from scratch.

3. Pace your ad postings, if you post to fast there is a good chance you will get ghosted. In earlier training we recommended that you post no more than 2-3 ads per CL account but through recent tests we have discovered that it is possible to post up to 5 ads per day per account. In order to do this you should pace your ads by posting 2-3 classified ads in the AM and 2-3 in the PM.

4. Don’t be greedy. Our niche of business only hits big in certain sections of CL. Don’t waste your time or risk having your account permanently ghosted because you’re posting in sections that are not even remotely related to our form of business. There are multiple sections on CL that our target market rarely visits so always look where you’re posting. Also, if you see that there hasn’t been an ad placed in a certain section for a week or more, it’s probably not getting any traffic so do not waste your time there either. The main reason people get flagged for spamming is because they are usually posting their ads in areas they do not belong and stick out like a sore thumb.

5. The title of the ad is just as important as the ad body. Make sure you make the title interesting and eye catching, you’ll get a better response. Don’t not use all caps, add characters like *** or //, something to really make your classified ad stand out but try not to be obnoxious.

6. Image ads are your friend. People tend to click on ad titles that they wouldn’t have clicked because beside the title it tells them there is an image inside. Take a look at our image ads or you can create and use your own. If you decide to create your own make sure you are creative and try to think outside the box.

7. Be careful with posting your link to your capture page on CL. Recently we have discovered that capture page and affiliate links are ghosted quickly in most cities on CL. If you want to use your links you should be safe and purchase a few domain names from GoDaddy and forward and mask the domain to your capture page. We recommend buying upward to 3 or 4 unique domain names and rotate them when you are posting links in your ads.

8.Timing is Crucial. CL has it’s hot times and it also has it’s cold times. The specific time that you post your ads is directly related to how much traffic your Instant Money Network capture page will receive. The busiest times in regards to traffic for CL are early in the morning around 6am-8am(mostly unemployed people searching for work) or after rush hour around 5-8pm(people getting home from work and a lot of them are looking for a new job!). If you post too early, you’ll be pushed to the second page by the time the rush comes, post to late and well, you will miss the rush.

9. A vacation responder + CL can make for a very effective automatic marketing system. Gmail has a decent vacation responder that is available for FREE. You can set up an away message with an Instant Money Network welcome email that routes people to your capture page and start throwing your ads out on CL. Please note that you can only do it a couple times before the CL community starts flagging you like crazy. So try to use this marketing method sparingly or make the vacation responses sound as natural as possible.

10. The classified are not the only place to generate traffic from CL. There are also forums on CL on different subjects that are actually heavily traficked. If you work your way in there using basic forum marketing and start dropping your link, you’ll definitely get a lot of traffic. But like every other forum on the interenet you will have to make yourself known and add something valuable to the discussions first. Some of you might not have time for this marketing method but you can easily outsource this task for pennies on the dollar.

Sample Text Ads

– All Positions Open
– Hiring Immediately
– Hiring Now!
– Boost Your Income
– Legit Commission Work
– Legit Commission based Income
– Start today, Get paid today!!
– Start Now, No Experience Necessary
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– Inbound Phone Reps Needed
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– Are you looking for an easy way to supplement your income?
– Begin Your Future Today
– Supplement Your Income!
– Tired of working FT hours & getting paid PT pay?
– How would u like to get paid on a Daily Basis?
– If you answer YES to these questions I have the perfect opportunity for you!
– The economy is tough right now…We can help you!
– Would you like to decide how much money you make?

Ad Body:

Do you enjoy talking to people on the phone?
Do you have a computer?
Would you like to be your own boss?
Do you want to pick what hours & days you work?
Would you like to decide how much money you make?

Serious applicants please email or call me at xxxxxxxxx
Do you have basic computer knowledge & enjoy chatting on the phone?
Are you a self motivated go getter?
Can you think outside the box?
Free training provided for the right candidates!
Call me at xxxxxxxx if you are ready to reach your potential.
Are you tired of making money for someone else?
Would you like financial freedom?
All you need is a phone & a computer.
Chatting on the phone, copy & paste…it’s that simple!!
We will provide all the training you need…email or call xxxxxxxxx
Looking for an easy way to supplement your income?
All you need is a computer & a phone.
Get paid on a Daily Basis!!
Anyone can do this…flexible schedule.
No time clocks…day or night.
If interested call me at xxxxxxxx
No boss…no drama!!
No experience needed…free training provided.
Anyone can do this…18 & up.
No investment!!
email me at xxxxxxxxxxx
Would you like to get paid everyday…no more waiting til Friday.
If you have a phone, computer & a positive attitude I have the perfect opportunity for you.
visit at xxxxxxxx
Start working with us today
No Experience Required, Will Train
reply with name, number and best time to call
$750-$1500 per month part time
No Experience Required, Will Train
respond with name and number

Top Free Classified Ad Sites

  1.   – Alexa rank = 69   |  Site URL = world largest classified advertisements service. Carigslist founded by Carig Newmark 1995. According carigslist 60 million visitors use craigslist and 30 billion page views per month. Website design very simple with main function host classified ads that cover every category you can think some examples home sales, job posting, for sale, personals. This service offer a discussion forum. Cariglist available in 702 cities and areas in 71 countries.

  2.   – Alexa rank = 1,235   |  Site URL =

    Backpage is another best classified service. This website is second largest classified site in the world. 3.2 million US monthly users use this site. 120+ employees work in this company.

  3.   – Alexa rank = 1,164   |  Site URL = is most popular in united kingdom. 20% UK audience use this site. It was founded by Simon Crookall and Michael Pennington in may 2000. In march 2005 acquired by ebay corporation. This site can be used without registration. With help of this service you can buy and sell bikes, cars, pets and some other stuff.

  4.   – Alexa rank = 980   |  Site URL =

    Quikr was developed by Pranay Chulet in june 2008. It is no 1 online classifieds service in india which empower every men and women to independently connect with sellers and buyers online. On this platform every person can buy and sell mobiles, tablets, dream home, fitness equipment.

  5.   – Alexa rank = 765   |  Site URL =

    OLX – newyork based online classified website. The olx was founded by Alec Oxenford and Fabrice Grinda in may 2006. The second most popular service in india. OLX is an online marketplace facilitates selling and buying goods such as household goods, bikes, furniture, electronics and cars. OLX had 201 million monthly active users, 12 billion page views per month in 2015.

  6.   – Alexa rank = 12,531   |  Site URL =

    close5 was founded by ebay inc. in 2005. The world best consumer to consumer corporation, it was founded in 1994 by Pierre Omidyar. 100 million visitors use ebay and 33,500 employees work in this company. Ebay connect sellers and buyers globally.

  7.   – Alexa rank = 5,715   |  Site URL =

    1 million world wide visitors use this service its page rank 7 so its good for backlink. You can use this service without registration (sign up).

  8.   – Alexa rank = 17,357   |  Site URL = most popular service in the world. It was founded by Craig Donato, Faith Sedlin, Scott Kister and excite.

  9.   – Alexa rank = 25,503   |  Site URL =
  10.   – Alexa rank = 51,045   |  Similarweb rank = 132,154